Strategos Spring 2013 – Published!

This is the tenth issue of our online journal, Strategos. The journal is designed to stimulate discussion among the members on pertinent strategic issues and provide a venue for publication among practitioners and scholars. In this issue we offer a number of articles aimed at a broad and varied matters of interest to the strategist. Kerry V. Roberts offers some ideas about cyber warfare and Chinese strategic culture. He explores the nature of cyber warfare, some challenges, and insight specifically with regard to China’s proclivity to this new aspect of military operations. Perhaps no area of national security is receiving more attention lately than the concerns about cyber security.

Ronald Beck and Don Travis provide a review and practical tips on drafting theater campaign plans. Mandated by the national planning system, theater campaign plans describe the fundamental approach combatant commanders take to securing national interests in their areas of responsibility. The article represents an excellent primer on how theater commanders go about their business.

Jeremy Gray’s concluding article on China continues his timely discussion of the rise of China. The author offers hope that the West can indeed accommodate the peaceful rise of China. This insightful article provides a good discussion of the strategic lens through which the entire region views this growing power in Asia. I would only offer that strategists may well look at structure both domestic and regional to help understand the probabilities of conflict, but should never discount the role of chance and accident. The proverbial Guns of August scenario as described by Barbara Tuchman in her seminal account of the outbreak of World War I is always a caution to strategic optimism.

Finally, the frequency and quality of Strategos is directly related to the number and quality of submissions. This online journal seeks to engage the interests of all those interested in strategy and provide an outlet for views not perhaps found elsewhere. I heartily encourage all members of the association to join this forum and keep up the intellectual fire.

Mike Matheny, Ph.D.
COL, U.S. Army Retired
Carlisle, Pennsylvania
April, 2013

Posted in Strategy
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