Strategos Spring 2014!

From the Editor, Dr. Michael Matheny,

This is the twelfth issue of our online journal, Strategos. The journal is designed to stimulate discussion among the members on pertinent strategic issues and provide a venue for publication among practitioners and scholars. It is my intent with the help of the membership to move the journal into a new direction which may prove to be more helpful to our members. I wish to continue to use the journal as a venue for the publication of articles, but I would like to include more review essays and book reviews. Strategists are busy professionals, but to remain effective must continue to read and read widely. I think we should enlist the help of our membership in guiding our members to use their time wisely in the pursuit of professional reading. To that end, this issue includes two review essays and more book reviews. I ask for your support as well as opinions as we move forward.

Finally, the frequency and quality of Strategos is directly related to the number and quality of submissions. This online journal seeks to engage the interests of all those interested in strategy and provide an outlet for views not perhaps found elsewhere. I heartily encourage all members of the association to join this forum and keep up the intellectual fire.

Strategos Spring 2014

Mike Matheny, Ph.D.
COL, U.S. Army Retired
Carlisle, Pennsylvania
March, 2014

Posted in Operational Art, Strategy
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