Strategos Spring 2010

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Strategos is designed to stimulate discussion among the members on pertinent strategic issues and provide a venue for publication among practitioners and scholars. This issue contains a mix of articles covering a broad range of issues of interest to strategists. With some editorial license, I provide the lead article with a discussion on how to teach strategy. Many national security commentators point to a strategy deficit among the U.S. civil-military leadership. As a partial solution many point to the need for reform in the military’s senior service college. Although there are no strategy schools for elected officials who constitute the true strategic decision makers in democratic societies, the question remains about how strategy should be taught. In the lead article, I offer my views. Finally, the frequency and quality of Strategos is directly related to the number and quality of submissions. I heartily encourage all members of the association to join this forum and keep up the intellectual fire.
Mike Matheny, Ph.D.
COL, U.S. Army Retired
Carlisle, Pennsylvania
November 2009
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