Strategos Fall 2011

Download the PDF of Strategos Volume III, Issue I (Fall 2011) here.

This is the sixth issue of our online journal, Strategos . The journal is designed to stimulate discussion among the members on pertinent strategic issues and provide a venue for publication among practitioners and scholars. So what is the nature of future conflict? Do we
really face an era of persistent conflict that will be largely strategically irrelevant but most annoying? Regular warfare will remain the most lethal, dangerous and strategically relevant form of warfare, but how to prepare and fight for the most likely form of conflict-irregular warfare? Most of the essays in this issue point to the truth that future warfare will feature both forms of warfare. War is war
and it runs the gamut in the range of conflict. Some refer to this mixture of regular and irregular as hybrid warfare. Tom Nagle‘s article looks at the difficult issue of war termination in hybrid wars. In addition to his insights, Tom‘s award winning essay is a strong recommendation to all readers to participate in the annual Army War College Strategic Landpower Essay Contest. Solicitation for entries usually begin in the late Fall with submission of entries in February. The first place winner is awarded $4000. Marco Lyons
continues the discussion on the nature and role of irregular warfare. The long debate on the U.S. military‘s doctrinal definition of
irregular warfare has been resolved, but the implications of irregular warfare for future force structure and military strategy have not. The Mumbai attack shocked public opinion and dominated global headlines. Adam Wey considers whether this foreshadows the increased use of special operation like attacks by terrorists. Much will depend upon the perception of their strategic utility. Finally, the frequency and quality of Strategos is directly related to the number and quality of submissions. I heartily encourage all members of the association to join this forum and keep up the intellectual fire.
Mike Matheny, Ph.D.
COL, U.S. Army Retired
Carlisle, Pennsylvania
October, 2011
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