Strategos Spring 2012

Strategos Journal Volume III Issue 4 (Spring 2012)

This is the eighth issue of our online journal, Strategos. The journal is designed to stimulate discussion among the members on pertinent strategic issues and provide a venue for publication among practitioners and scholars. This issue seeks to address some new and some
enduring concerns. The recent changes in the nature and scope of the mandated theater campaign plans present significant challenges to theater strategists. Required by the Department of Defense, each Combatant Command seeks to outline the command‘s plan to achieve U.S. national security interests in its area of responsibility. This is certainly no easy task for the team of planners and strategists charged with getting it right. Curiously, there is no standard format for a theater campaign plan and each Combatant Command handles it a bit differently. Don Travis who served as a planner in Central Command brings his experience to bear in an article full of good advice to planners. Nothing has signaled more clearly the ending of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan than the United States announced intention to prioritize its interests in the Pacific. Dominating this new interest is the question of whether the U.S. can peacefully accommodate the rise of China—the only likely near peer competitor in the world let alone the Pacific. Jeremy Gray looks at the context for China‘s
rise and how the U.S. may deal with it in the first of a two part article. Certainly timely and also insightful, Gray offers some persuasive analysis on the problem and the solution. Toney Filostrat‘s short article attempts to fill in some of the missing pieces on the question of American grand strategy. Where do we go from here? Ever since the passing of the Containment Policy articulated in NSC 68, there has been some question about how the U.S. should frame a grand strategy in this new era of some unique and some enduring challenges to American interests. Finally, the frequency and quality of Strategos is directly related to the number and quality of submissions. This online journal seeks to engage the interests of all those interested in strategy and provide an outlet for views not perhaps found elsewhere. I heartily encourage all members of the association to join this forum and keep up the intellectual fire.
Mike Matheny, Ph.D.
COL, U.S. Army Retired
Carlisle, Pennsylvania
April, 2012
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